Another Satisfied Customer…

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of Hot Coils plus they saved us over $3,000.00 per hot tap installation….”

Mr. Jennings Harper
Construction Superintendent
S & B Engineers & Constructors Ltd.
Houston, TX

S & B Engineers and Constructors Ltd., is an employee owned, fully integrated engineering, procurement, and construction company that services a diverse set of industries. With over 4,500 employees, S & B has serviced clients in the refining, petrochemical and chemical, midstream, power, infrastructure, and pulp and paper industries for over 44 years.

“Our application was hot tapping in-service natural gas lines for a large company in south
eastern Texas”, stated Mr. Jennings Harper, Construction Superintendent with over 35 years experience in the industry. Mr. Harper went on to say, “Natural gas lines run cold and in our environment that creates condensation on the exterior of the pipe. The pipes sweat profusely and need to be heated and kept dry to ensure a reliable, high quality weld.”

To heat and dry the pipe S & B used two 8-inch Baiekur Coils 110 volt, 15 amp Preweld Heating Coils to heat approximately 20 inches of the pipe. “The Baiekur Coils are small and light and were easy for our guys to handle and simple to use”, said Mr. Harper.

According to Mr. Harper the coils worked quickly, heating the pipe to a uniform temperature while eliminating all traces of moisture so a proper weld could be applied to the pipe. “We are extremely pleased with the performance of Baiekur Coils plus they saved us over $3,000.00 per hot tap installation versus bringing in a stress relieving truck”, said Mr. Harper.

Mr. Harper went on to say that, “Baiekur Coils provided us with an easy, safe and cost effective solution for installing hot taps and we intend to use them on future projects.”

Another Satisfied Customer…

“Baiekur Coils helped us achieve our mandate of improved safety and weld quality by eliminating torches during the preheat process”

Scott Carter
Quality Control Manager
Cryogenic Construction Inc.
Mingo Junction, OH

Established in 1978 Cryogenic Construction Inc. operates from a 40,000 sq. ft. facility located in Mingo Junction OH providing their customers state of the art technologies with on time deliveries. Cryogenic Construction is an industry leader in the complete fabrication, assembly testing and field installation of packaged process modules.

“Baiekur Coils helped us achieve our mandate of improved safety and weld quality by eliminating torches during the preheat process”. Cryogenic Construction has been using both 6 inch and 10 inch coils to preheat pipe joints prior to welding. “Not only have we seen an improvement in weld quality”, stated Mr. Carter, “but because we can preheat joints in advance we have also seen an improvement in welding productivity.” Mr. Carter went on to state, “the welders really liked them when they realized they could go to lunch or on break and the joint temperature would stay consistent.”

Cryogenic Construction even found a secondary use of the Baiekur Coils in assembling packing in vessels. “ We had a problem where we would occasionally jam the packing on assembly”, said Mr. Carter, “we found we could use the Baiekur Coils to heat the vessel, expanding the material, allowing the packing to be installed correctly without binding.”

“We’re not only pleased with the product but also with the company” said Mr. Carter. “We had one small issue with one of the coils and it was rectified immediately”, he stated.

Another Satisfied Baiekur Coils Customer…

“We embrace any new technology that’s designed to
increase our efficiency and reduce cost to our

R. Underhill
Area Construction Manager
Alstom Power Thermal Services
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Alstom has been using several 10 inch Baiekur Coils to preheat heavy wall schedule 80
high chrome pipes for a number of customers.
We embrace any new technology that’s designed to increase our efficiency and
reduce costs to our customers and we have found significant savings in using Hot
Coils compared to using outside heating services.

The key difference is in cost of operation. The Baiekur Coils require minimummobilization and only a 15 amp, 110 VAC circuit where traditional heat-treating equipment requires 480 / 600 VAC and significantly higher installation costs.We have also realized savings in downtime between activities as well as travel andother costs associated with bringing a sub contractor to remote areas.

The Alstom Group is a global leader in the world of power generation, power
transmission and rail infrastructure. The Group employs 93,000 people in more than
70 countries, and had sales of over €23 billion* in 2009/10.

*Pro forma figures

“They’ve (Baiekur Coils) allowed us to take control of our
heating costs”

Hugh O’Neill
Piping Superintendent
Fort Saskatchewan, AB

“I’ve used the coils in several fabrication shops and have found we were easily able reach and hold the temperatures our spec.’s called for”, stated piping superintendent Mr. O’Neil. Mr. O’Neil, who has worked on several projects for companies such as Nova Corp, Esso Resources Ltd. as well as Siedlitz Engineering and Niko Resources on overseas projects in Egypt and Bangladesh said, “We’ve run them (Baiekur Coils) on everything from standard carbon to heavy wall chrome.”

“They’ve allowed us to take control of our heating costs by doing the heating with our own personnel which has resulted in major savings. Also because we weren’t waiting for a 3rd party heating service to arrive, productivity also improved. We found that we could have several joints heating in advance which maximized our welder’s stick time.”

“Considering the cost savings and production efficiency gains not to
mention the improvement in weld quality and jobsite safety, the coils have
just been a win, win product for us.

“Having used Baiekur Coils® we can definitely see
the safety advantages …”

Monti Regan, President / Owner, Monti’s Industrial Welding Services
Alberta, Canada

“Having used the Baiekur Coils® we can definitely see the cost savings and safety advantages of using this product. It’s a relief not having to continually lug heavy propane bottles around the workplace or have the constant fear of welding around pressurized propane gas with the potential of a fire or explosion.

Also having several joints preheated beforehand is an added bonus and will help keep us more competitive and in compliance with QA /QC.

We see a great advantage to using this product and would recommend Baiekur Coils® to all contractors in the piping or industrial service industry.”

Monti’s Industrial Welding Services
# 1223794 Alberta Ltd
Monti Regan
President / Owner

“We had scheduled 8 weeks to complete the work and finished it in 12 days.”

Wally Middleton, HSE Manager
Goal Projects Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

We were overwhelmingly surprised by the efficiency and cost effectiveness use of the Baiekur Coils® product for the hydrogen d-gassings of the Talisman Minehead Pipeline.  We had scheduled 8 weeks to complete the work and finished it in 12 days. The ease of use and mobility make this product a valuable asset to pipeline contractors and owner companies that need to perform preheat and bake out of pipe.

Besides the quality control of the product, there is an excellent aspect of safety and control. We did not have a need for open flames, or propane. Besides the pipeline this was especially great for our facilities work, no safety issues. 110 power @ 15amps, right off our welding rigs.

Wally Middleton
HSE Manager
Goal Projects Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta



“We embrace any new technology that’s designed to increase our efficiency and reduce cost to our customers”

R. Underhill Area Construction Manager Alstom Power Thermal Services Edmonton, AB, Canada