Data Logger

Baiekur Coils Data Logger

The Baiekur Coils® thermocouple data logger with LCD display and USB interface now allows you to easily and cost effectively plot a temperature profile of each joint. This eliminates the need for temperature sticks while providing Quality Assurance an ID chart for each weld. The data logger is capable of recording up to 32,510 temperature readings at the sampling rate you decide on.

Wide Range of Operation … The data logger is capable of measuring from -200 to+1350°C (-328 to +2462°F). Your data logger comes equipped with a standard K-type thermocouple which has an operating range of 0 to 400°C (32 to 752°F). The data logger is designed to work with J, K and T-type thermocouples fitted with standard mini  thermocouple connectors. This makes your data logger compatible with a wide range of available thermocouples.

Easy to Program ….  Baiekur Coils® Easy Log USB control soft ware comes standard with each data logger. Easy to install and use, the control software runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7. The software is used to set-up the data logger, as well as download, graph and export data to Excel.

The software allows the following parameters to be programmed.

• Logger name
• °C or °F
• Logging or sampling rate (1s, 10s, 1m, 5m, 30m, 1hr, 6hr, 12hr)
• High and low alarms
• Immediate, delayed and push-to-start logging
• LCD display off, on for 30 seconds after button push or permanently on
• Data rollover (allows unlimited logging periods by overwriting the oldest data when the memory is full)

Display and Status Functions …

The high contrast LCD display and two LED’s provide information as to the operational status of the data logger.

The LCD shows the logged temperature values along with symbols. Three different functions are available on the display – most recent logged temperature, maximum logged temperature and minimum logged temperature. The push button is used to cycle through the functions. In addition logging status, delayed start, push to start, logging or logging stopped conditions can be displayed.

The logger is also equipped with two LED’s (red & green) are used to indicate if the temperature has exceeded a programmed high or low alarm level as well as several other operating conditions. Full details are available in the Data Logger Product Info pdf document in the Downloads Section.

Keep Track of the Heat …

The temperature profile of each joint is easy to download for printing or export to an excel program so that you can maintain a permanent record of each joint.

Baiekur Coils® data logger provides you with a precise and economical means of taking total control of all your temperature measurement and recording requirements.

Download Quick Start Guide (PDF Format)

Download Data Logger Product Info (PDF Format)



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