Coil Features

Pre Weld Heating Coil Features

Quick and Easy Set-up:

Only 6 in. (150 mm) long and weighing in as little as 6 lbs. (2.7 kg.) Baiekur Coils®, part of your welders toolbox, can be easily set in place with your existing labor force. No need to hire specialized and expensive set-up crews resulting in time and dollar savings. Also eliminates the need to lug heavy propane tanks around the job-site to feed a Tiger Torch.

Low Voltage Requirements:

Baiekur Coils are available in 110 or 220 volt models and can be plugged into any 15 amp. power outlet. This allows you to utilize existing utility power or in remote applications plug into generators or welding machines. This eliminates the need and high cost of “High Voltage Generator Trucks”.

Adjustable Heat:

Baiekur Coils® feature an adjustable thermostat which allows you to preset the specified temperature of the weld joint meeting welding procedures and specification every time.

Accurate Heating:

The Baiekur Coils® thermostat holds the joint at the pre-set temperature. With an accuracy of +/- 2.5˚F it helps you maintain welding procedures and stay on specification every time.

Rapid Heating Cycle:

Depending on ambient temperature and pipe thickness, Baiekur Coils® can reach a maximum internal temperature of 600˚F (315˚C) in 20 minutes or less. This allows for a quicker welding cycle and increased productivity.

Uniform Heat:

Baiekur Coils® provide even heat throughout the entire joint. And unlike flame heating there are no “cold spots” in those hard to reach areas. Temperature can be charted to ensure compliance to welding specifications


In addition to pipe pre-heating, Baiekur Coils® can also be used for Hydrocarbon bake-out applications, thawing frozen pipes, curing epoxy pipe coatings plus a host of other applications. This simplifies the welder’s tool-box requiring only one tool to do multiple jobs.

Multi Tasking:

Using additional Baiekur Coils® reduces welder down-time. Baiekur Coils can be installed on the next joints to be welded, preheating them to be at the ready when the welder is. Maximizes welder efficiency and reduces down-time keeping you on or ahead of schedule.

Always On Spec.:

Can be used with Baiekur Coils® Data Loggers, chart recorders or any other recording device. Helps ensure you stay on spec. and provides quality assurance with a temperature profile chart of each weld.

Thinking Ahead:

Baiekur Coils® can be used in conjunction with electrical timers. Get a jump start on the day by having the coils preheat the weld joints before your crew starts the next shift.

Meets All Standards:

Baiekur Coils® have been approved with a zone 1 division 1 rating by UL, CSA , CUS and CE regulatory agencies. This assures that you are using a product that has met the most stringent safety requirements.

Safe Operation:

Baiekur Coils® at maximum reach a low 125˚F (52˚C) outside shell temperature. Unlike open flame heating this reduces the chance of accidental burns.

Use Almost Anywhere:

Baiekur Coils® requires only low voltage and amperage to operate. No uncontrolled open flame. Safer and more environmentally friendly, increases the area in which the Baiekur Coils® can be operated in. Also eliminates the need to have a fire watch crew standing by.

Breath A Little Easier:

Operated by clean electrical energy Baiekur Coils® eliminate the dangers of open flame, explosive gasses and high heat hazards associated with propane. The operator is not exposed to the exhaust gasses or the burning of any pipe coatings or oil film.

All The Angles are Covered:

Baiekur Coils® can be used in horizontal, vertical or at any angle in between. Regardless of the direction of the pipe run, in-position welding becomes a breeze.

Uncluttered Work Space:

Baiekur Coils® only require low voltage wiring (extension cords). This eliminates high voltage electrical cable hazards in the work area.

Sized For The Job:

Baiekur Coils® are available to fit standard 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in. dia. pipe. This provides you with increased versatility by having the right tool in your tool box to handle any job.

Long Term Reliability:

Baiekur Coils® are manufactured with a tough stainless steel outer shell. Provides protection and helps improve the service life of the product allowing you a greater return on your investment.

Baiekur Coils®

Saving Time – Saving Dollars – Staying on Spec. – Safer Operation

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