Baiekur Coils vs Flame Heating

Baiekur Coils® vs Flame Heating

It’s time to dump the old days… and the old ways ….

We no longer use an open flame for heating, cooking or providing light and now its time to use today’s technology in preheating pipe in preparation of welding or hydro carbon bake-out.

Baiekur Coils® versus propane heating of pipe … check out how they compare ….

Efficiency: Typically a Tiger Torch or open flame propane heating system is less than 50% efficient. Baiekur Coils® electrical resistance heating system is close to 95% efficient. This means that more energy is transferred directly to the area to be heated resulting in quicker more accurate heating of the joint.

Fast Accurate Temperature Control:

Baiekur Coils® with its adjustable thermostat allows you to preset the desired specified temperature and hold it there until you are ready to weld the joint. With Baiekur Coils® a typical 4” dia. Schedule 40 pipe at 70° F (21° C) can be brought to a maximum temperature of 600° F (315°C) in 20-minutes or less.  Achieving and maintaining a specified temperature is more difficult and time consuming with flame heating.

Uniform Heating: Because Baiekur Coils® wrap 360° around the pipe you achieve an even and uniform heat throughout the heating zone.  This eliminates “Cold Spots” associated with propane heating in difficult to reach hard to heat areas. Baiekur Coils® allow you to stay on specification throughout the entire joint area every time! Even heating = improved weld quality = reduced liability!

Use Anywhere: Unlike restrictions placed on open flame heating systems on some job-sites, the 110 or 230 volt Baiekur Coils® can be used anywhere you can plug into any15 ampre service.

Clean Operation: Operated by clean electrical energy Baiekur Coils® eliminate the dangers of open flame, explosive gasses and high heat hazards associated with propane. The operator is not exposed to the exhaust gasses or the burning of any pipe coatings or oil film.

Low Operating Temperature: Operating a Tiger Torch in hot ambient temperatures is no fun at all and can really get the operator hot under the collar. In addition the entire pipe heat zone is exposed causing a burn risk. With Baiekur Coils® the maximum outer shell temperature does not exceed 125° F (52°C). This means heat is transferred to the pipe joint not to the work area or the operator.

Easy to Handle: Weighing as little as 6 lbs. (2.7 Kg.) Baiekur Coils® are easy to handle making set-up quick and effortless. Compare this to wrestling heavy propane tanks weighing 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) or more around the job-site.

Work Smarter – Increase Productivity!

With Baiekur Coils® the pipe is brought to an even uniform specified heat throughout the joint. The coils can then be slid to the side to allow welding while they are still in place and continuing to hold the joint to the specified temperature. While welding one joint additional Baiekur Coils® can be preheating the next joint in the series to be welded so it’s ready when you are. Using Baiekur Coils® multiple joint heating system you can easily increase your production without adding additional labor!

Reduced Liability

It’s all about properly preparing the pipe to achieve the best quality weld possible. A good quality weld translates directly to reduced failures and reduced liability! Baiekur Coils® ensure you are always at your best.

Baiekur Coils®

Saving Time – Saving Dollars – Staying on Spec. – Safer Operation

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