About Us

Baiekur Coils® were developed by industry professionals for industry professionals.

Baiekur Coils® professionals have a  combined 85 plus years of experience in metallurgy as well as construction and manufacturing experience in oil, gas and pulp industries, water treatment, hydroelectric and nuclear plants.

A need was seen for a new global technology for pipe pre heating treatment and hydro carbon bake-out applications.

The goals were ….

• To increase productivity through reduction of preparation time, precise heating to a specifiedtemperature within minutes with no waiting for third party heating contractors. The ability toheat multiple joints simultaneously, be super easy to handle and control turning pipe heat treatmentto a one person operation.

• Provide a safe working environment through the elimination of high voltage cable runs in theworkplace, as well as removal of open flame and dangerous bottled gasses in proximity of anignition source.

• Provide proper pipe temperature conditions to ensure a high quality weld which will result in fewer weld failures and reduce contractor liability.

This effort has resulted in the Baiekur Coils® line of products. Products designed to ….

Save Time – Save Dollars – Stay on Spec. – Safer Operation


“We embrace any new technology that’s designed to increase our efficiency and reduce cost to our customers”

R. Underhill Area Construction Manager Alstom Power Thermal Services Edmonton, AB, Canada