Save Time – Save Dollars – Stay on Spec. – Safer Operation

The days of waiting for specialized heating services are over! With Baiekur Coils® you have your own heating crew always on standby.

Baiekur Coils® offer you a whole new technology for pre-weld and post weld heat treatment as well as heat measurement and recording equipment.

Pre-Weld Heating Coils… high efficiency electrical resistance heating system is designed to; increase your welding productivity, improve weld quality and reliability plus provide a safer, cleaner work environment while producing major savings.  Baiekur Coils® pre-weld products will easily handle all your pipe heating and hydrocarbon bake-out needs PLUS thaw frozen pipes, cure protective epoxy pipe coatings plus a host of other applications. Coils are available in either 110 or 220 Volt models and only requiring a 15 amp. power supply means you can use them in anywhere.

Data Logger ….with its integral LCD display is easily programmed to electronically track pipe

temperature which can then be downloaded through a USB connection. This allows you to plot a temperature profile, eliminating the need for temperature sticks while providing Quality Assurance an ID chart for each weld.

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